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Staying strategic while dealing with the unexpected
A person extinguishes a fire

Staying strategic while dealing with the unexpected

October 22, 2020 | Brianna Aust

How do you accomplish your big picture goals while putting out the small fires that pop up every day?

Inga Rundquist

Grill the Arsonist: Inga

May 31, 2018 | Brianna Aust

We’re turning the tables… for this installment of “Grill the Arsonist,” the interview-er is now the interview-ee! Let's see what she had to say...

Our favorite campaigns from 2017

January 2, 2018 | Brianna Aust

There are few things we love more than a fantastic marketing campaign, and 2017 brought some genius creations from brands we know and love.  We asked a few of our Arsonists to tell us their favorites, and they didn’t disappoint…

Tony Nagy

Grill the Arsonist: Meet Tony

December 16, 2015 | Brianna Aust

Digital Arsonist Tony Nagy has been lighting fires at MindFire for three years! He is a veteran programmer, with an enthusiasm and talent for turning pages of coding into powerful and effective marketing tools.

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