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Grill the Arsonist: Meet Casey
November 29, 2016 | Alyssa Willey

Casey Levigne

Next up in the hot seat is our newest Marketing Arsonist Casey Levigne! Casey is a recent University of Iowa graduate but don’t let that fool you. She’s a project management whiz and is doing a bang up job keeping Brand Arsonist Amy Behning in line. The question remains – can she stand the “Grill the Arsonist” heat? Read on…

You’ve only been at MindFire a few months. First impressions so far?

My first month here has been quite a culture shock for me, in a good way! I have never worked in an environment that is so collaborative, which I LOVE. The moment I walked into MindFire and heard music playing, bright colors on the walls, people talking to each other in an open work space and an added bonus, a bar, I knew this was the place for me. Everyone here brings such a unique perspective to MindFire. When I saw everyone come together and brain storm ideas in my first Firestarters meeting, I was truly inspired.

How long does it take you to scroll through your Facebook news feed before giving up?

Honestly, it depends on how bored I am. If I have nothing to do, I can scroll for what seems like hours. But, after a while you start to see the same things, engagement pictures, videos of cute animals, a Facebook rant and by that point I’m done.

We all know and love Amy Behning for her fun personality and never ending snack pile. What is it like being her project manager?

I have already learned so much from Amy, and I can relate with the never ending snack piles. She is a person who likes constant communication and updates, which is CRUCIAL for an agency and something that has helped me learn the MindFire process. Her communications style is sometimes hard  to understand for people who don’t work closely with her. From sitting in front of her office, I have discovered that she has her own “Amy language.” Let me break it down:

“Arghhhh”- She can’t find something

“Ahaaaa!”- She found it

“Hmmm”- Too many emails

“Oh!”- She saw something funny

“Okaayyyy”- She is ready to go to her next meeting

“Sounds like a plan stan”- She agrees, now go forth

“Coffee is my friend”- She is fully caffeinated

But seriously, Amy is so great and can’t wait to learn even more from her!

Weirdest email you’ve ever gotten. Go!

A weird email doesn’t really come to mind…but I can tell you the scariest email I have ever gotten.

It reads as follows:


That’s it. That never means anything good.

What made you chose a career in communications?

In college I thought I wanted to be a business major… and then I took a Calculus class, more like took the class for a month, took one test and dropped it because it was like another language to me. I remember vividly being a sophomore and thinking to myself, now what? I was at a point where I felt so lost and had no idea what I was going to do. What I discovered was I had to re-evaluate what I actually LIKED to do, not what I thought I should do.

What I liked was writing. Because of that, I started taking classes in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and found that my PR classes encompassed a lot of the business aspect that I liked. They also put a heavy emphasis on writing and communication, which excited me that this type of career could exist, without the dreaded math courses. I then became involved with PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and knew that PR was a career I wanted to pursue.

It’s Friday at 4 p.m., which means its Happy Hour. What is your go-to drink?

Right now, my go to drink is cucumber vodka and soda with a lime. It is so refreshing and you can’t really taste the vodka (which can be good, but deadly). Also be warned, if you drink too many, you won’t be able to drink regular cucumber water for a while…or so I have heard.

How do you spend your free time when you’re not answering phones or emailing clients?

Because most of my friends are back home in Chicago, I try to call/text them as much as I can when I have free time. It’s hard being away from family and friends so the free time I do have is dedicated to that. Plus, I have FOMO so I need to be in the loop.

On other occasions you can find me listening to my favorite records or reading a book. And on the days where I am the most stressed, I will watch The Real Housewives. Call me crazy, but there is nothing that calms me more than watching grown woman have more drama in their lives than I ever will.

If you could claim stake to any ad campaign from the past, which one would it be and why?

Hands down it would be the “Like a Girl” campaign from Always. This campaign redefines what it means to do something “like a girl”. It shows us that a younger generation of girls has an extreme amount of confidence when it comes to doing things like a girl, while the older audience sees doing things like a girl as negative. After this campaign ran, Always wanted social media users to share what they thought doing something #LikeaGirl meant to them. They had a HUGE amount of positive response from this campaign and this will always stick out in my brain.

Given that you’re a 2015 University of Iowa graduate, what advice would you give to graduating seniors especially in the Communications field?

Don’t jump into a job you are not completely happy with just because you think you need to have a job when you graduate. Make sure you are taking a job that can better you in your career.

Also, don’t take a job just because it is going to pay you well. Although money may seem like the most important thing, it is not. If you aren’t going to be happy at the place you work, no money in the world will change that.

While you are in your senior year, you should network with as many people as you can. Talking to people about what they do can help you learn about what their job entails, that way you don’t jump into something without being prepared.


You currently live in Iowa City and commute to Le Claire every morning. How do you pass the time?

It takes me about an hour each way to get to and from work, and while that may seem daunting to some, I love it! The drive to work allows me to have the time to wake myself up by thinking of tasks I need to do that day, drink my coffee and listen to my favorite radio station (Shout out to the Bobby Bones Show). On the way back I have time to unwind. I also have the time to call my family and catch up.  Music is always a must on the way home. CONFESSION: I have been listening to Christmas music since well before Thanksgiving. It just puts me in a happy mood after a stressful day!


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