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Grill the Arsonist – Erin M.
February 22, 2021 | Amanda Bertolozzi

Since joining MindFire in August 2019 as a Brand Arsonist, Erin McKenrick has proven to be a valuable asset to the team. From her data-driven research tactics to her impressive skills behind the Inspiration Bar, Erin knows what it takes to keep both our clients and employees running smoothly.

See what Erin had to say for herself when we put her in the hot seat…

Erin M posing for a mugshot

You’re one of MindFire’s five Brand Arsonists. Describe what that means to someone who may not be in-the-know on MindFire lingo.

It’s an honor to be a part of the MindFire team. As Brand Arsonists, our mission is to spark a connection between consumers and a brand. We use insights to help develop the big picture strategy.

You’re big on data and research. What’s the importance of looking at the data when it comes to building and maintaining a brand?

I’m extremely passionate about using data for brand development– so much so that I completed my master’s in data analytics.

Building a brand is about building relationships. It all starts with truly understanding the audience.  You need an accurate understanding of who you are talking to and what they care about before you can craft messaging that will connect with those needs. And once you reach your audience, data guides us in knowing which efforts and specific content work best. Without research, you risk wasting valuable time, resources and money.

Despite more than 15 years of branding, marketing and sales experience, MindFire is the first agency you’ve been a part of. How did your previous roles set you up for success here at MindFire?

Much of my career has been spent on the client side, working on in-house sales and marketing teams in the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries. I’ve had the privilege of leading brand development and implementation initiatives, analytics, creative marketing teams, internal and external communication efforts, and web and ecommerce sales and marketing strategies. I’ve also served on multiple nonprofit boards. This broad range of experience helps me to better understand our clients’ needs, challenges and goals. I’ve been in their shoes. And I know firsthand the impact a strong brand can have on sales and marketing efforts.

What do you enjoy most about being a MindFire Arsonist?

There are so many aspects I enjoy! The people, both team members and clients, top the list. I also take great pride in working alongside clients to enhance their branding and marketing efforts to make an impact on their bottom line. And it’s hard to beat the fun, collaborative work atmosphere that makes MindFire’s culture so incredible.

From mojitos to holiday martinis, you’ve whipped up some delicious drinks at the MindFire Inspiration bar.  What’s your favorite after-work (or happy half-hour) cocktail?

Mixology is a blend of art and science. There’s a skill to mastering just the right flavors together, and it’s a skill that intrigues me. Similar to baking, I enjoy mixing drinks. My favorite cocktail is my version of a gin cucumber mint spritzer.

What does life look like when you’re not gathering insights for our clients?

Chasing kids and throwing hammers – although not at the same time!  My 9- and 1-year-old daughters keep me busy. But when I’m not playing Barbies or changing diapers, my husband and I are avid DIYers. We’ve already flipped two houses, bought our dream home and are now making aesthetic upgrades to it. Through removing walls, gutting bathrooms, endless painting and replacing trim work, I’m pleased to say we’re still happily married!

We’ve learned that you’re a Facebook Marketplace regular. What has been your best find on the app?

I confess I am a bargain junkie! I’ve furnished most of our home with beautiful finds from flea markets and Facebook Marketplace. Several of the furniture pieces I’ve refurbished myself. My best find has been a Birch Lane buffet table – while it currently retails for $1,200, I paid $220 thanks to the seller who simply changed her mind six months after she had purchased it.

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