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Better Roads Ahead Davenport aka BRAD sign at construction site
City of Davenport

When it comes to getting stuck in traffic, how do you make drivers understand that roadwork is for the greater good of the community? That’s what our friends at the City of Davenport asked us as they embarked on a $28 million road and infrastructure project throughout the city.

The City of Davenport aimed to create and deploy a mascot to convey construction messaging, humanizing the effort. That’s when we stepped in. We created BRAD (Better Roads Ahead Davenport) and GIA (Greater Infrastructure Ahead).

The forward-thinking mascots asked citizens to look ahead rather than focusing on the current inconveniences caused by construction. The characters were introduced on the City’s social media channels, used on signage across the city and came in handy as updates were rolled out on the status of various projects.

The results? Optimistic messages throughout the City of Davenport that inspired patience while conveying important information.

Sign saying "Businesses Open Ahead"Better Roads Ahead Davenport signs
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