MindFire Communications, Inc.
South Slope Cooperative Communications

With the holidays wrapping up and new gaming consoles in homes of hundreds across The Corridor, South Slope Cooperative Communications challenged us to develop an advertising campaign that would position their internet as the best solution for gamer households, an audience that requires great service – and even better speed and reliability.

Our response? Game on!

We got to work on a winning concept that would inspire them to lose the lag.

Our creative relied on contrasting the nostalgic visuals of gaming on an outdated PC with an outdated internet plan to South Slope’s modern, sleek and fast brand.  Afterall, today’s gamers require the best service available – not the sluggish and spotty plans of the past.

In the end, our game plan centered around what mattered most to the audience – super fast service – with a simplified message designed to help them choose SSCC with lightning speed.

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