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Internship program

MindFire internship program

Kick start your career with an internship at MindFire! You’ll get hands-on experience and have a chance to strengthen your resume and portfolio. Plus, you’ll get a chance to work with a gang of Arsonists who have a passion for smart marketing and branding – who else can offer that?

We typically offer Public Relations and Design internships in the spring, fall and summer. We look for candidates who have a passion for advertising, are quick learners, possess a mind as sharp as a samurai sword and are willing to go above and beyond. (No drama allowed!) In return, you’ll get paid! Score! Plus, you’ll get get real-world experience that will help position you for future success. Many of our past interns have gone on to work at other agencies across the Midwest.

Current openings

  • There are no openings at the moment…

What you can expect as an Intern Arsonist

  • Roll up your sleeves and dig in – As an intern at MindFire, you’ll have a chance to work alongside our Arsonists on a variety of client projects and apply your learning in the real world! You’re going to learn how to use new tools, discuss emerging trends with thought leaders and have the opportunity to build your resume and portfolio.
  • Learn, learn, learn – You will learn from a fantastic group of talented people who actually like hanging out with each other and with you!
  • See agency life in its entirety – While your day-to-day activities will be focused on either PR or design, you’ll have the chance to experience all the other facets of agency life. You’ll sit in on meetings, see how an agency works, and learn the process of producing a campaign, from strategy to concept to execution.
  • Work  hard, play hard – It should come as no surprise that MindFire Arsonists like to have fun. But make no mistake – we work hard(er). As a MindFire intern you’ll be held to same deadlines and expectations as the rest of our team. You won’t get stereotypical “intern tasks,” you’ll be digging into the same type of work as the big dogs.
  • Be prepared to give your opinion – We’re not looking for seat fillers – we encourage our interns to ask questions, share ideas and contribute in a meaningful way to our work. Show up!
  • Give a lot, and get a lot back – While we’ll challenge you throughout your time at MindFire, you’ll also get a lot in return. Career guidance, practical advice, mentorship … and friends!

Intern testimonials

“I gained so much more experience during my time as an intern at MindFire than I ever thought possible. Not only did I learn and grow in my field but I got to work with so many fun and talented professionals.”

Alyssa Willey – Spring 2017 PR Intern Arsonist

Emily Bettridge

“Interning at MindFire gave me more experience and taught me more about the PR world than I could have dreamed of. I was treated like a team member, not a bottom-rung errand runner, entrusted with client work that not many other internships can offer.”

Emily Bettridge – Winter 2016 PR Intern Arsonist

Robyn Riley

“My time at MindFire was one of the best experiences of my college career. The contacts I made, hands-on PR experience I received, and information learned have all helped me tremendously as I navigate my future career path.”

Robyn Riley – Fall 2016 PR Intern Arsonist

“As an intern at MindFire, I learned the ins and outs of agency life, applied classroom knowledge in real-world situations, gained more experience than I thought possible – and had fun doing it! I had the opportunity to get my hands in a variety of client projects and soak up knowledge from brilliant industry professionals. This was definitely the most valuable experience of my career thus far and I highly recommend it to college students or recent graduates aspiring to work in the PR field.”

Abby Wadeson – Summer 2017 PR Intern Arsonist

“My experience at MindFire not only allowed me to apply my skills learned in the classroom, but also taught me all the vital information not covered in class. The atmosphere was very conducive to learning. Everyone was approachable and willing to help explain their role in the process of the agency. I am grateful that I was able to gain real experience working with professionals of the industry for actual clients. After my time at MindFire I know that I will have a leg up on my peers and I finally feel prepared to enter the professional world when I graduate.”

Elliott Klauer – Summer 2017 Design Intern Arsonist

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