MindFire Communications, Inc.
Empowering Abilities

Changing a brand name is a big step! The team at the organization formerly known as Handicapped Development Center (HDC) came to us asking for help with the process. MindFire recommended a back-to-basics approach by involving stakeholders and supporters. Through a Discovery session, followed by online survey research, we asked questions about words and phrases that relate to the brand and which are most important to those familiar with the organization. Leveraging the research insights, we determined a name change to Empowering Abilities as the right decision, ultimately working with the team to develop a new brand identity.

Creating a fresh look to compliment the name was a crucial part of the branding process. A new logo representing energy and empowerment came to life, emphasizing Empowering Abilities in visual way. An evolution of colors, fonts and graphic elements were introduced to the organization, too. Once it was all said a done, Empowering Abilities had the pieces needed to roll-out their new brand.

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