MindFire Communications, Inc.
Illinois Casualty Company

Illinois Casualty Company (ICC) asked MindFire to help it increase engagement with a growing target market: insurance agents providing coverage for cannabis dispensaries. To put it bluntly, they wanted to mail a desk-dominating gift to agents that would be unforgettable.

When it comes to the bold topic of cannabis, creating something attention-grabbing was easy. The hard part was making it strategic and smart while hitting home ICC’s brand differentiators. That’s why we created a grow kit (don’t worry, it was just wheatgrass) delivered in a custom package that told the story of why ICC was the best choice for aggressive claims defense. We thought through every detail of the packaging, right down to a stash baggie of office “paraphernalia” full of office supply gifts.

The goal was to raise some eyebrows while setting “high” expectations. Mission accomplished.

image of gift contents including desk paraphernalia
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