MindFire Communications, Inc.
image of flyer's remorse digital ad campaign on laptop and phone
Quad Cities International Airport

The Quad Cities International Airport (MLI) needed to catch the attention of local travelers up in the air about spring and summer travel plans. Understanding that big airports are often synonymous with big hassle, MindFire set out to showcase the reasons why customers would regret not starting their trip in Moline.

Using a clever pun on a familiar phrase, we developed a multi-media advertising campaign that strategically highlighted MLI’s key brand differentiators – ease and convenience. Images of long lines, traffic and stressful delays portrayed the opposite experience every traveler wants. We prioritized reaching the people most likely to fly this season through their most used mediums, and the concept quickly took flight.

The key message was “plane” and simple. Choosing MLI is the only way to avoid flyer’s remorse.

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