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A newspaper on a desk is a Waratah placement in Equipment Journal - the title of the story is From a four-wheeler to four Waratahs

How do you discuss harvesting, processing and felling heads? You use the same traditional news values and apply them when speaking with logging publications.

Our MindFire PR team works with Waratah to create timely, interesting content to support and market the brand. MindFire has traveled internationally to logging operations to capture photos and videos of Waratah harvesting, processing and felling heads in action. On location, we interview the company owners and their operators to learn about their firsthand experiences with Waratah heads. From there, we create branded marketing content that is shared across print, online, video and social channels.

We also share this content with key logging industry publications – a highly niche market with certain outlets only covering specific types of wood or geographical locations. The result? Coverage from highly targeted logging outlets that goes beyond product focus and helps humanize Waratah’s message through real customer experiences be it a multi-generation family business or a new logging business – all increasing Waratah’s brand value through unique relationships with key stakeholders and industry outlets.

A computer screen shows a Waratah PR placementA Waratah story is shown on a phone
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