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Digital Brochures, eBrochures, Interactive Brochures – however you describe – is it a marketing technique that should be on your radar?
February 8, 2013 | Inga Rundquist

As we all know, people live the online life these days. They prefer to read news, shop and socialize online. So at MindFire, we’re always looking for ways to spark a connection with peoples’ lifestyles.

A marketing technique to keep on your radar is eBrochures. One of the key advantages to eBrochures is that people can download them to their iPads, other tablets, computers and smart phones. They can get your eBrochure 24/7 – even at 3:00 in the morning with just the click of a mouse or tap of a finger!

Another fired-up benefit of eBrochures is all the interactive elements you can incorporate in them. Of course, you can easily just do a PDF copy of your physical brochure, and people can download it – but why not take it up to a whole new level with an eBrochure?

Add videos to it. The videos can be included or streamed from any page. The viewer can click on any graphic to watch it. A video is an awesome component. It can:

  • Show a demonstration. For example, if you have an easy-to-install or use product, you can show how to do it in a video.
  • Introduce your people. You can have your staff members be more than just a photo – they can actually talk to the viewer.
  • Include talking testimonials. You can have customers who are pleased with your business describe their experience.
  • Entertain. Sometimes, entertainment is a great way to connect with customers, and you can do it with entertaining videos in your eBrochure.

Add audio tracks. The audio could be people talking and delivering a message, music and sound effects. It makes the eBrochure much more lively and engaging.

Have links for more in depth information. You can set up links on every page that will take the viewer to more information, calculators, charts and pages on your website.

There are lots of other things about eBrochures that can heat up your marketing success. Here’s a list of some of the most common advantages companies discover once they do an eBrochure:

  • Flexibility – you can change content almost instantly.
  • Convenience – customers can download your brochure whenever they want.
  • Cost reduction – eBrochures can reduce all kinds of costs, from printing to postage.
  • Customer happiness – many customers love being able to download a brochure, watch demo videos and read pages on their smartphones.
  • Makes you look hot – or cool! People tend to think that businesses that use interactive marketing techniques are more modern, intelligent and high quality.

Is an eBrochures a marketing tool you should add to your arsenal?

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