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A love letter from your brand
February 8, 2011 | Inga Rundquist

Remember me? It’s me – your brand.

The two of us used to be very close. I was the only thing you would think about all day. You used to focus all your attention on me. And we’d talk all the time. In fact, you were so into me that you’d even talk to your customers and clients about me. You’d asked them what they thought of me and hung on every word they said.

But things are different now. Sometimes you act like I don’t even exist. We rarely talk, and when we do, you just blow me off. You can’t just start a relationship with me, your brand, and then forget about me six months later. I need attention!

I know that you’re busy, so I’ve put together a honey-do list that I hope will rekindle our relationship and reignite that spark I’ve been missing.

  1. Think about me at least once a day – Whether you’re writing your customer an email, or are putting together a marketing campaign, I should be at the top of your mind at all times.
  2. Always put me first – You should never put anything above me. Don’t forget about me just because you’ve got too many other things going on. After all – I’m always here for you!
  3. Respect me – Don’t be tempted to fall for the marketing flavor of the month. You need to respect me – your brand – above anything else.
  4. Don’t try to change me – You spent a lot of time shaping me into the powerful brand that I am today. You can’t just change me because your pesky colleague thinks I would look better in red or because your boss wants to change who I am. I’m your brand – I don’t just change like that.
  5. Introduce me to your friends – What’s the point of having a brand when you’re afraid to introduce me to your friends or take me out in public? Others need to know I exist!
  6. Don’t say bad things behind my back – You can’t act all lovey-dovey towards me and then turn around and say bad things about me behind my back. Things don’t work like that. You’re with me 100% or not at all.Help me look my best – I’m relying on you to help make me look my best. You may even want to ask an ad agency to help you with this. After all – don’t you want to be seen with the best-looking brand in town?

If you follow these few simple rules, we will have a long and healthy relationship. If you keep ignoring me we’ll have to have another heart-to-heart.

Love always,

Your brand

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