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Grill the Arsonist – Chloe R.
February 17, 2023 | Denise Hnytka

As a Brand Arsonist, Chloe knows smart marketing strategies build brand loyalty. Chloe shares the source of her inspiration in this edition of “Grill the Arsonist.”

How did you get started in marketing?

The opportunity to be both creative and strategic has always been appealing to me. After receiving Marketing and Communications degrees from Augustana College, it was only fitting (as a Peoria native) I start my career within the Caterpillar dealer network practicing digital marketing. Five years later, I was ready to focus on a client-centered role, which lead me straight to MindFire. No matter if it’s for a global brand or local mom-and-pop shop, figuring out how to best tell your story is what I love to do!

What company’s marketing inspires you?

I’ve always admired Coca-Cola – with iconic campaigns like the “Always Coca Cola” polar bears. The polar bears made their television debut in 1993, but 30 years later, they’re still immediately associated with Coke. More recently the “Share a Coke with…” campaign replaced the company’s logo on the bottles with 250 of the most popular first names, and it went viral! That’s the kind of personalized branding that rises above the clutter.

Most brands aren’t as big as Coca-Cola. What can smaller brands learn from its marketing strategy?

No matter the size, product or service, customers are looking for connection. They don’t want to be viewed as just a consumer of a product. When you create a community around your brand, you give people an emotional tie that leads to loyalty.

February is Super Bowl month. Are you watching for the football or the commercials?

I’m watching for the game, the funny commercials and to use the occasion as an excuse to eat football food, too! Nothing beats a good buffalo chicken dip. That’s a must for every Super Bowl watch party.

Is there a dream client or industry you’d love to do marketing for?

A food and beverage company would be so much fun to work with. I’d love to collaborate with a winery, helping them with naming and designing labels. I bet they would let me sample some!

At MindFire, we promise to be The spark you’ve been looking for™. How does that translate into the work you do for clients?

When it comes to the agency world, I've been on both sides – as a client and now as a Brand Arsonist. When I was in the dealer network grinding as a Digital Marketing Specialist, choosing the right strategic partners was crucial to my team. That experience makes me appreciate the value of an agency relationship even more. I strive to be a teammate to our clients – a true extension of their marketing group –who is reliable and full of fresh ideas. I believe collaboration and curiosity leads to long-lasting relationships and success. I promise to bring those two attributes to the table daily for our clients!

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