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The emotional stages of getting your marketing budget approved – a GIF guide
October 17, 2016 | Inga Rundquist

It’s budgeting season – a time that makes us marketers buzz with excitement at the prospect of bigger and better marketing initiatives while simultaneously cringing in fear of endless meetings and “but-it’s-worth-it” conversations. Amiright?

Putting together marketing budgets – and getting the buy-in from all the stakeholders – is one of the unsung pleasures of marketing.

Put together a marketing budget – they said.

It will be easy – they said.

Here are the 14 emotional stages of creating a marketing budget, and getting it approved.

 Step 1: Begin.

Step 2: Review last year’s plan. Uh…

Step 3: Time for a pep talk!

Step 4: Ask for input from your team.

Step 5: Realize that was a bad mistake...

Step 6: Create your first draft.

Step 7: Feel proud.

Step 8: Present the plan to your boss.

Step 9: Brace yourself for the feedback...

Step 10: Realize you will need therapy for this...

Step 11: Take a "break."

Step 12: Repeat steps 6 - 11.

Step 13: Agree to cut everything you didn't do last year.

Step 14: Receive approval.

The end. For those of you stuck in budgeting season - we are here for you!!! :)

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