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Grill the Arsonist – Allison B.
May 9, 2024 | Denise Hnytka

Design Arsonist Allison is a storyteller who loves creating characters to star in her video work. She’s an Illinois girl from Peoria who has a busy summer planned! Learn more about what makes Allison tick in this edition of “Grill the Arsonist.”

You graduated early from Southern Illinois University in 2019 – what’s a great memory you have of your college years?

My specialization was in animation, game development and design. Though completely unrelated to my major, I got the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland! I have some family history there, so I explored some of my ancestry and took some documentary film courses. But the biggest impact of that trip was getting me out of my comfort zone. From that experience, I grew to love solo travel! Now I’ll take road trips, check out National Parks and fly anywhere – with or without a travel buddy.

How did you find your way to MindFire?

I discovered the clients I love working with are those who are deeply tied to the community. When I see the things reflected in my life show up in my work, it really inspires me and brings me a lot of joy because I feel connected to the project. MindFire values those partnerships with businesses and organizations in the Quad Cities, so it aligns perfectly.

How do you keep up on the latest in video and editing trends?

I'm online a lot because that’s where my interests lie. I love short form video content on social media, but I am also an avid YouTube watcher and film lover. It comes naturally to me to just keep up with it.

What is some advice you have for clients on how to make their video content pop?

The best videos tell a story. They build characters and create worlds of their own that engage the viewer. No matter what industry the client is in, I always suggest giving your video editor the creative freedom to work and create those scenes. It’s great to have a vision and a storyboard in mind, but if you can be flexible with your input, you leave room for the spark that a great editor can ignite!

What are your goals for 2024 – personally and professionally?

My main hobby is my garden and growing flowers for bouquets. But this year I am determined to master growing peas. I always set a goal to read 30 books a year, plus I want to plan a few trips. In my free time, I also have a small business making candles that will be sold at a new coffee shop in Moline, so that’s huge! I am determined to have a great summer.

What’s your favorite part about living in the Quad Cities?

The music scene here is a surprise! So many niche, indie artists I love but never thought I'd see in person will randomly pop up at venues in the area. One of my favorite summer events is Alternating Currents. I also love living near the Mississippi River. It reminds me of home.

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