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Grill the Arsonist – Mikayla M.
December 8, 2022 | Denise Hnytka

Meet Mikayla, one of our Social Media Arsonists. From the coast of the Carolinas to the plains of Wyoming, this Florida native experiences life not only across the United States but also in the digital world. Hear how Mikayla stays in the know about the latest social trends.

Mikayla McMahon

What led you to working at MindFire?

I’ve always loved the idea of working in social media, but I loved the thought of working with like-minded creatives even more. When I moved to Iowa from Florida, I wanted to find a place where I was free to be myself and do what I love. Joining the MindFire team has been a perfect fit.

How did you become interested in working in the social media field?

I have always been able to understand algorithms, and I am continuously interested in learning more about the various social channels. I grew up on social media and was convinced that I was going to be a famous YouTuber. Unfortunately, that did not work out– but an even better career did!

How do you keep up to date in the world of social media?

I stay up to date simply by being active for our clients on all the platforms. I am also a part of a few weekly email lists that send out regular updates and announcements about social media channels and trends. My TikTok algorithm knows I work in social media and gives me all the latest information, too!

Social media is such a big part of all our daily lives. What do you see as the biggest benefit for brands when it comes to social?

Social media allows people to relate to a product or business on a more personal level. When brands post on social, it allows them to represent their product or service authentically. I don’t see this going anywhere, and I’m a firm believer in brands posting on any social platform that works for them, as long as they’re consistent.

If you could get rid of one of your social media accounts, which would you get rid of and why?

I would get rid of Snapchat because it has shifted into more of a “newsy” platform. Previously, it was really all about people talking to each other through the app, which is what people loved about it from the beginning.

Of the recent social media trends, what is your favorite? Least favorite?

My favorite trend is Swift-tok. I love all the conspiracies around Taylor Swift’s new album. (My favorite song from “Midnights” is “Question…?”) As for my least favorite trend, I tend to skip over anything negative going on. I spend a lot of time on social, and it can turn into a pretty dark spot if you let it. Puppy videos and Taylor Swift only, please!

If you could have any meal for lunch every single day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hibachi teriyaki chicken, white rice, a stir fry veggie combo and a fortune cookie (perfectly curated to my life in that moment) and a crisp Dr Pepper!

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