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Marketing trends to watch in 2023
February 21, 2023 | Denise Hnytka and Chloe Roche

Are you keeping up with this year’s trends?

If you're like most marketers, January flew by and you're already knee-deep in driving implementation for the new year. Check out these five top trends to make sure your actions are hitting the mark.

Short form videos

Short form videos are a mainstay marketing tool in 2023. If this feels intimidating, start with an introduction to Reels. If you’re running out of creative ideas, try “behind the brand” content that takes your audience into your workspace and introduces them to your employees and culture. In an overly curated world, authenticity wins.

Social Responsibility

Customers value knowing your company is socially responsible. For some companies, it’s about reducing its carbon footprints, going paperless or other policies that benefit the environment. For other companies, it’s about volunteerism and sponsoring community betterment projects. Brands build loyalty when they show leadership getting directly involved in these projects.

Experiential Marketing

No surprise here, but in 2023 people want to get out of the house. That’s why many are prioritizing brands that provide a memorable, immersive experience. Recently, Deep Springs – a Coca-Cola water brand – had success when it invited people passing on the street to help paint a gigantic mural. This simple activity attracted a crowd and lines formed throughout the day. The tagline “Sip. Relax. Repeat.” was in the center of the mural along with a branded hashtag #AllThatsNeeded. Today, the mural is a local piece of art in its community, plus it makes a perfect selfie backdrop to further endorse the brand! Experiential Marketing is the perfect invitation to consumers to share what they’re doing on social media – putting them to work for your brand through their own experiences.

Text Message Marketing

We’re still living in the age of instant customer service. That’s led to the rise of chat-based tech. For some e-commerce sites, that takes the form of a customer service live chat feature. But text message marketing also falls under this category. Forbes reports text message response rates blow email open rates out of the water. Text messages are no longer viewed by customers as intrusive or spammy, especially when you’re getting them to opt-in through a rewards program or another incentive.

Artificial Intelligence

Time is money, and companies are exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) services can build marketing efficiency. AI tools like Phrasee promise to optimize your brand language to create copy used for emails, Instagram, Facebook and push notifications. Other AI services can send personalized emails at ideal times for everyone in your contact list or write product descriptions for e-commerce webpages. AI can save time – but don’t let authenticity slide. Smaller brands trying to build their audiences can’t afford to sound robotic and disingenuous on social media and other communications. So, if you try AI, remember it still needs a human touch.

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