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Measuring marketing success – three articles to get you started
August 8, 2016 | MindFire Team

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If you’re one of our (smokin’ hot) clients, you’ve undoubtedly heard one of us ask you something that sounded a lot of like this: "How will you measure the success of this campaign?” or "How will you determine if this project was effective or not?”

In marketing, defining success is a critical component to any campaign. And while it’s easy to ask the question, coming up with an answer can often feel like convincing a posse of teenagers to give up their cell phones for a day. (Translation – it’s hard. Real hard!)

To help you with the process, we pulled together our three most popular articles about measuring your brand’s success. Take a look, and start monitoring your brand today.

Track advertising ROI with UTM links and conversion tracking

Good news! These days there are countless ways to track the success or failure of an advertising campaign, and with digital, it has never been easier to connect the dots from an ad buy to the impact on the bottom line. Keep reading…

The 4-1-1 on Facebook metrics

With the Facebook audience continuing to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to pay attention to how their Facebook pages are performing. Is anyone paying attention to what you’re saying? What’s happening with your content? Do people cringe when they see one of your status updates? The answer lies in your Facebook Insights page. Keep reading…

50 ways to measure marketing success

To help you create your measurement framework, we’ve put together a list of many different ways you can measure success. In fact, we came up with 50 of them! Here we go...

Interested in learning more about how to measure and track the success of your campaigns? Give us a shout – we’re happy to help!

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