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MindFire wins 8 American Advertising Awards
March 4, 2016 | MindFire Team

MindFire at 2016 ADDY awards

MindFire Communications had a smokin’ hot night at the 48th Annual American Advertising Awards in Iowa City on February 27. The gang of Arsonists took home five Gold awards, one Silver award and Judge’s Choice.

In addition, Mike Smith, co-founder of MindFire Communications, was inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame. Mike, who retired last year, had a storied career in the advertising industry and played a pivotal role in MindFire’s early growth and success. He had more than 30 years of experience working as a creative writer and concepter with big name brands such as Sony, Nikon, Toyota, Ericsson, Wal-Mart, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alliant Energy, Mercy Medical Center, John Deere and Hitachi.

“We get our biggest thrills helping our clients succeed – but we have to admit that it’s nice to be recognized by our peers for the work we do, too,” said Lynn Manternach, co-founder and brand arsonist. “We are also excited to have Mike’s successful career celebrated not only by MindFire, but by our peers.”

The awards included

Hall of Fame Award

Mike Smith

Judge’s Choice

Iowa Tugfest 2015 Campaign*

*This award was selected by Ken Segall, a former marketer for Apple who led the team that created Apple’s acclaimed Think different campaign and named the iMac.

Gold Awards

Iowa TugFest Campaign

Bergstrom Tradeshow

MindFire Website

Waratah Pacific Northwest Regional Video

TugFest 2015 Logo

Silver Awards

John Deere – Hitachi Partnership Brochure

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